Aluminium business services

As the only aluminium radiators factory in Poland, we offer a wide range of services in the field of aluminium processing. The services for our partners are carried out by a qualified and experienced workshop staff, supported by a technical engineering team and specialised CAD/CAM software. The production processes, which are in accordance with national and European standards, guarantee top quality of the services offered and the products manufactured in our factory.


  • producing high-pressure aluminium alloy castings weighing up to 8 kg,
  • producing aluminium casting moulds according to the documentation,
  • producing spare parts for moulds (e.g. shot sleeves, sliders, guiding posts, etc.),
  • producing forging dies,
  • producing punching and stamping dies,
  • producing assembly and processing equipment,
  • producing special tools (e.g. drills, cutters, soldered tools),
  • overhauling casting moulds and tooling,
  • producing a wide range of spare parts for machines,
  • lathing, milling, drilling, grinding, polishing, and sharpening.


In order to maintain a repeatable, high standard of production and good quality of products and services, we systematically work on the modernisation of our machinery park in Nisko. We constantly invest in new tools and production machines, which has a great impact on improving the efficiency of our manufacturing processes. This also allows us to adapt to various types of orders in a flexible and dynamic way.

  • Maico 650
  • Colosio PFO 900
  • Colosio PFO 1000
  • Maico GK 1000
  • Maico GKS 1000
  • Colosio PFO 1200 (3 machines)


KFA Armatura has been using aluminium alloys for years. Our company has advanced technologies and a team of experts, which has allowed us to gain extensive experience in manufacturing high-quality products. Our interdisciplinary team of in-house experts deals with creative work in order to increase our knowledge resources and use them to invent new applications. The tool shop operating in the factory has many years of experience in producing aluminium casting moulds, spare parts for moulds (such as: shot sleeves, sliders, guiding posts), forging dies, punching and stamping dies, assembly and processing equipment, and special tools (drills, cutters, soldered tools). It also offers overhauls of casting moulds and tooling, as well as the production of a wide range of spare parts for machines (including gears and worm wheels).

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