Concern for the employees

A sense of security and lack of threats are the basis of comfortable work. That is why, we feel responsible for the health and safety conditions in our factory and offices. In order to ensure the highest OHS standards, formalised occupational health and safety services operate in our company.

A very important role of the OHS services is to undertake the widely understood preventive actions aimed at eliminating threats to the life and health of the employees, as well as improving the occupational health and safety conditions. Such activities include, e.g. training courses (in the years 2019-2020 we conducted training courses for a total of 437 people).

In our company we take care of our employees' well-being. To make sure each of us derives even more pleasure from work, we offer a range of non-wage benefits. They are a form of additional appreciation for our employees' commitment, enthusiasm and everyday work. Moreover, we also focus on development. We finance our employees' English lessons and co-fund their studies.

A very important element of the training system in our company is the KFA ACADEMY. It is our internal platform that we use to organise training courses concerning various areas: from products to PowerPoint templates. Each of them is recorded and is available to those employees who want to consolidate their knowledge, as well as to our new employees as part of the onboarding process.