Concern for the local community

We are a large employer locally and we understand that our activities have a significant impact on the environment ‒ we strive to give what is best and share what we can. Therefore, in recent years we focused strongly on sharing our knowledge. We concentrated on promoting environmental knowledge and putting particular emphasis on water saving issues.

We created a special section with advice on how to reduce water consumption in everyday life on our website. We started including a short LESS WASTE guide describing smart ways to save water in the catalogues addressed to our customers.

We also focused on educating the youngest members of the local community. On the occasion of World Water Day held on 22 March, we organised a regional educational campaign in kindergartens and primary schools. Under the slogan "Water is our common treasure", we taught children how to save water on a daily basis and why it is so important to us.

In the year 2020 the whole world had to face new challenges ‒ concern for the health of our beloved ones and colleagues became part of our everyday life. In order to support the people employed in our company and the local community close to us, we decided to take advantage of the possibilities of our factory and launch the production of high-quality hand sanitizer.

We provided our employees, customers, as well as offices and public benefit organisations in our neighbourhood with the hand sanitizer for free.